Confronting Divorce

There is frequently a moral, emotional, or spiritual dilemma that a person struggles with when confronting a failing marriage. A person feeling guilt for wanting to leave the marriage can trigger poor decision-making. Shock and dismay upon learning your spouse wants to leave the marriage can trigger denial or inaction. Avoidance of the issues surrounding a failed marriage only increases heartache, but does not delay the legal proceedings.
The reality of a failed marriage is never easy, but you have options and an opportunity to make yourself heard in the dissolution process.  

Addressing marital problems doesn’t always result in divorce. Sometimes physical or legal separation can lead to reconciliation. However, if you are served with divorce or legal separation papers, you have a duty to respond.  The divorce will not go away or stop if you do nothing.  Divorce is not the only answer to a troubled marriage, but it may be a reality.

 If you are considering divorce or legal separation, or are already in the process of dissolving your marriage and do not have legal representation, please call me.  We can discuss the legal issues of your circumstances while addressing your fears and concerns.