Practice Areas  

 We are a general practice law firm.  Our primary practice areas are Estate Planning, Family Law, and Business Transactions. 

 Whether the issue is as simple as writing a letter or as complex as arguing before a jury we are available to assist you.  Our staff size allows you to work directly with the attorney at all times.  However, in order to maximize our time and availability we must limit our caseload.  Therefore we do not handle personal injury law, bankruptcy, complex litigation, class action lawsuits, or felony criminal defense. 

Estate Planning:
Wills – Simple and Complex
Trusts – Living, Irrevocable, Special Needs
Estate Probate – Testate and Intestate
Durable Powers of Attorney
Health Care Directives (Living Will)

Family Law:
Legal Separation

Committed Intimate Relationships

Pre-nuptial Agreements


Child Support

Custody Disputes

Business Formation and Succession Planning:
Choice of Business Entity

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Albert Camus (1913 - 1960)