Choosing the Right Attorney

Hiring an attorney can be an intimidating experience, but it doesn't need to be.  There are many good attorneys out there and one that is right for you.  Here are six tips to consider when choosing an attorney.

Tip One:

Be wary of the lawyers who think they know something about everything. The lawyer should have a working knowledge of the subject matter you are seeking advice about.   If they don't, ideally they can refer you to someone who does.

Tip Two:

Establish a relationship with someone who gives practical advice that you can use.  You should be at ease with the attorney and staff.  Issues should be dealt with straightforwardly.  Do not stay with an attorney you don't trust.

Tip Three:

Money is always a consideration when hiring an attorney.  Consulting (also called unbundled), and full representation are the two methods used by our firm.  Ask for an estimate to help you determine how to pay for your legal fees. Expect that there will be some costs involved and plan for it. Costs can include filing fees, record copying costs, legal research, legal messengers, etc. Ask upfront what type of costs should be expected for your case.

Tip Four:

Speak to more than one attorney before you sign a contract. Different attorneys have differing perspectives on how to handle legal issues. Different doesn't mean wrong. Interview before hiring.  Ask for a brief bio and see how much experience this person has in the area you need them for.  It is okay to speak to someone and not hire them.  Get a feel for their personality and determine whether it matches well with your own.

Tip Five:

A lawyer should tell you what is true, not what you want to hear. A lawyer is hired to represent you as an unbiased, unemotional third party.  A legal assessment is what you are seeking.  You may not want to hear the truth, but you probably want to hear the advice. 

Tip Six:

You should be treated with courtesy. A conversation with the lawyer or staff should leave you feeling better knowing that someone is on your side and working to get things done.

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